Solar Eclipse 2017: Map, Path & Best Locations To Watch The Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse will hit the continental United States for the first time since 1979. Many Americans are anticipating this eclipse that will cast a wandering shade of darkness on the northwest as it travels to the southeast and finally out to sea.
You might have already found out about the forthcoming solar eclipse, but do you when and where it will hit?

When will the next solar eclipse come to the United States and where is it going?

On August 21, 2017, at 10:00 A.M. (PT) a solar eclipse will fall upon the northwest of the United States. More specifically, a shadow 70 miles wide will descend upon the northwest portion of Oregon. The shadow will travel southeast, passing over 11 additional states. Look below and find out viewing events for each state…

Solar Eclipse 2017 Map


  • If you’re live around or are traveling to Corvallis, Oregon, you might be able to stop by Oregon State University where they’re hosting OSU150 Space Grant Festival: A Total Eclipse Experience. You can take part in a weekend-long solar eclipse celebration and then cap it all of with watch party that is scheduled to be hosted on campus on the day of the eclipse.
  • Over in Keizer, Oregon, The Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, a Class A baseball team, are set to make when baseball history when they become the first team ever to have a “eclipse delay” during the game.
  • The city of Madras, Oregon, will feature a four-day Solarfest at two locations.
  • If you’re in the Prineville area, you can head over to an event called “Oregon Eclipse” hosted by Symbiosis Gathering.
  • The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry will host an event At the Oregon State Fairgrounds, you can attend a viewing event hosted by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. This event will be located in Salem, Oregon.
  • Depoe Bay will be the very first city that solar eclipse hits. Locals are expecting a huge flow of tourism for the day of the total eclipse. Many shops are capitalizing off this date, selling T-shirts and other eclipse merchandise items. Eclipse viewing glasses will be handed out for free.


  • Boise State University is scheduled to host a litany of eclipse-related events, on and 0ff-campus..
  • Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve is scheduled to  host NASA presentations. Meanwhile, the Idaho Falls Astronomical Society is set to host evening-star parties. The USC Astronautical Engineering department and NASA will launch high altitude balloons into the atmosphere. The New Mexico Chapter of the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project will also host presentations for the eclipse.
  • Idaho Falls, Idaho – In the evening, there will be a free eclipse-watching event at Melaleuca Field. The Museum of Idago is an official NASA viewing site, and it will be providing free entertainment and educational seminars.
  • Rexburg, Idaho – Brigham Young University Idaho will be offering an educational look into eclipse.
  • The city of Weiser, Idaho will hold a five-day festival leading up to the eclipse.


  • In Casper, Wyoming, you can attend Wyoming Eclipse Festival 2017. You can also attend the Astrocon Conference, hosted by the Astronomical League.


  • In Alliance, Nebraska, you’ll be able to locate entertainment and educational seminars for the total eclipse.
  • In Auburn, Nebraska, you can visit Nemaha County Hospital on the day of the eclipse. This hospital will be hosting a viewing party. Lifetime Vision Center will be providing vision safety tips.
  • If you’re in Grand Island, Nebraska, head over to Stuhr Museum to attend an eclipse viewing party. You’ll also be able to see the launch of a NASA eclipse observing balloon.
  • In Beatrice, Nebraska, the Homestead National Monument of America will be offering eclipse-related events and activities on Saturday, Sunday and the day of the eclipse. Click here for the homestead events page.


  • Kansas City, Missouri will be holding a 5-mile bike ride. Riders will travel from downtown (where totality will only last 30 seconds) and chase after the eclipse. Their path leads to Macken Park, where they can view the total eclipse for 1 minute and 13 seconds. This event is organized by KC Pedal Party Club, a local Meetup group.
  • Lathrop, Missouri will be celebrating their 150th anniversary with an eclipse festival.
  • In Parkville, Missouri, you can attend TotalEclipseofthePark, which is an education progam featuring NASA Glenn Research Center Hall of Famer Lynn Bondurant on August 20. The very next day, a watch party is planned by Park University.
  • Stop by St. Clair, Missoui, and attend the solar eclipse event organized by the local chamber of commerce for St. Clair City.
  • Head over to St. Joseph, Missouri, you’ll be able to catch an event at Rosecrans Memorial Airport. This event is being organized by Front Page Science.


  •  Carbondale, Illinois calls itself the Eclipse Crossroads of America as the area will be covered by a total eclipse. The Giant City State Park, just south of the city, is predicted to experience the longest period of totality during the eclipse (approximately 2 minutes and 40 seconds).
  • Southern Illinois University will sponsor numerous educational events relating to the eclipse, including the two day Crossroads Astronomy, Science and Technology Expo, and viewing at Saluki Stadium.
  • Amtrak will run the Eclipse Express, from Chicago to Carbondale, llinosos
  • Carterville, Illinois will play host to a three-day rock festival called Moonstock. Ozzy Osbourne is scheduled to headline this event. He plans on performing during the eclipse.
  • You can view the eclipse with the University of Illinois Astronomy Department in the village of Goreville Illinosos.


  • Thousands of K-12 students are expected in the football stadium of Western Kentucky Stadium in the city of Bowling Green.
  • There will be a four-day eclipse festival will be held at Jefferson Davis State Historic Site. This festival will be located in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.


  • If you’re in Clarksville, Tennessee, you can head over to Austin Peay State University to witness several educational events, including a special appearance by astronaut Rhea Seddon.
  • In the Cookeville, Tennessee area and want to watch the eclipse? Then head over to Tennessee Technological University, where they will be hosting a solar eclipse viewing party at Tucker Stadium. The part is open to the public. From Saturday-Monday, the city of Cookeville will be hosting numerous eclipse-related events.
  • Nashville, Tennessee is offering numerous events relating to the eclipse. Nashville is the largest city in the path of totality. The Adventure Science Center will be offering the Music City Eclipse Science & Technology Festival. If you’re looking for the largest eclipse viewing party in Nashville then head over to The Italian Lights Festival, a free NASA-Certified Eclipse Event held at the Bicentennial Mall. The countdown to the eclipse will be emceed by two astrophysicists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

North Carolina

  • In Bryson City, North Carolina, you can view Planetarium shows during the eclipse. You can also ride on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad to an eclipse location.
  • Over in Rosman, North Carolina, Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) will be hosting a viewing event. This event has received international attention, so expect amateur astronomers to be wandering the area.


  • In Blairsville, Georgia, you can head over to the Get Off The Grid festival to watch the eclipse.

South Carolina

  • Head over to the South Carolina State Museum in Columbus, the capital city of the state. This museum is set to host four days of educational events, including a special appearance by Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke.
  • Head over to the viewing party at Furman University, located in Greenville, South Carolina. You can watch live stream coverage of the eclipse from NASA. You can participate in educational activities, and listen to live music.

U.S. Map of the Wandering Eclipse

Here’s a map of the eclipse’s expected trajectory. The total eclipse starts out in Depoe Bay, Oregon, and exits out of Charleston, South Carolina

What about in other countries?


  • If you’re up in Canada, you can view a partial eclipse, ranging from 89% in Victoria, British Columbia to 11% in Resolute, Nunavut.

Central America, Mexico, and Caribbean Islands

  • A partial eclipse will be visible from these locations.


  • In northwestern Europe, you can only peep a partial eclipse in the evening or at sunset.
  • If you live Iceland, Ireland, Scotland and the Portuguese Azores archipelago, you’ll be able to see the eclipse from beginning to end.
  • Everywhere else in the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal, sunset will occur before the end of the eclipse.
  • In the extreme northwest of Germany, the beginning of the eclipse might be visible at sunset.


  • In Chukchi Peninsula, a partial eclipse will be visible. The eclipse will only have about 40% visibility.

Solar Eclipse Glasses

If you’re looking right up at the eclipse, remember that you’re still looking at the sun even though it is hidden. Your eyes may still become damaged by the sun’s ray. Therefore, it’s always best to play it safe. These eclipse viewing glasses may just do the trick…



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