Gamescom 2017 Microsoft Live Stream: How to Watch Microsoft Presentation Online

After the so-so press conference Microsoft held at 2017’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the Xbox brand has some major hurdles to overcome if their new system, Xbox One X, is going to become a major player in the console ecosystem. This year’s Gamescom press conference must deliver on all fronts if Microsoft hopes to drive gamers to the Xbox family. Expect to see new game announcements, pre-ordering to begin for the Xbox One X and many more surprises.
Microsoft will be streaming this event through their own dedicated streaming service, Mixer, which can be viewed on Xbox One systems, on the Mixer app (available on iOS and Android) as well as your internet browser.

Gamescom Xbox Live Show Viewing Details

Date: Sunday August, 20th 2017
Time: 3:00 PM EST, 12:00 PM PDT
Microsoft Corporation
Despite revealing what Microsoft has been calling the “most powerful console ever”, the Xbox One X has a quite a tumultuous journey ahead of itself. The Xbox brand must prove to gamers why they should invest their money into the system and to do that, they need games. We can be sure that we’ll get better glimpses at Microsoft’s exclusive offerings for the Xbox like this year’s Crackdown 3 or Rare’s Sea of Thieves.

How to Watch Microsoft’s Xbox Live Show Online:

Microsoft will be live streaming this event through their own streaming platform, Mixer (formerly Beam), to all web browsers and Xbox One systems.
To access the stream through a web browser:
To access the stream through the Xbox One app: Go to the Xbox Marketplace and download the official Mixer app.

How to Watch Microsoft’s Xbox Live Show On Mobile:

Won’t be at home to watch Microsoft’s big press conference? No worries!
With the official Mixer app you’ll be able to watch Microsoft’s live show from you phone with ease.
For the iOS version of Mixer: click here
For the Android version of Mixer: click here

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