Conor McGregor Was On 'Conan' Last Night Sounding Like A Man On A Mission

Woo! If you didn’t take Conor McGregor seriously before, you best start now, cause that right there is a man on a mission.
Last night, I got in bed a little earlier than usual, and because of that, had to tune into Conan until Colbert started at 11:35. Luckily for me, McGregor, one of the world’s greatest fighters and showmen, was appearing on Conan live from Las Vegas.
Here’s what Conor had to say for himself, including predicting that he’ll knock Floyd out within four rounds.

“There will be no dancing in there, Conan. I’m gonna go straightforward and put him away inside four rounds.”
“He’s saying he’s gonna come towards me, I’m saying I’m gonna come towards him. We’ll find out pretty early who’s telling the truth. We’ll see who takes a back step first. I will go forward for him and put him away.”
“I’m going down in the history books, Conan. I’ve dominated the UFC and I will dominate boxing also. It has never been done. That’s where I’m going, down in the history books.”
“We’ve made slight adjustments in my cardio preparation. It’s actually been very enjoyable to go from five, five-minute rounds, which is what we’re used to, which is 25 minutes, to 12, three-minute rounds of boxing, which is 36 minutes. Slight adjustments, but we are more than ready. I done 12 rounds last night, I’ve done multiple 12-round fights in the gym in the lead-up to this. We are more than ready. Floyd is praying for me to fatigue in there, but I will not fatigue. I will continue to press forward, and I will break him. At 40 years of age, he will not sustain my pace.”

For all of Conor’s hyperbole and arrogance, you have to give him this — he seems to have some serious clarity right now. While he’s clearly his usually cocky-self, his boasting seems to be backed by logic. He sounds like a man chasing destiny, and if we’ve learned anything about Conor McGregor over the last couple of years, it’s that we should never doubt him when he is.

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