Fantasy Football Sleepers 2017: Corey Coleman

The Cleveland Browns. Just looking at the name can make you cringe in despair considering the amount of losing and turnover this team has experienced in recent memory. While the woeful Browns have had some notable fantasy gems here and there, many of them have been one hit wonders or have sought greener pastures with much more competitive organizations. The most recent departure of wide receiver Terrelle Pryor to Washington was a devastating loss for the Browns as the quarterback turned wide out was arguably the most productive asset of their otherwise forgettable roster. However, Cleveland may have a uniquely productive albeit largely unknown fantasy weapon. Enter wide receiver Corey Coleman.
While the second year receiver comes with a massive caveat in that he has a history of being sidelined with injuries, his big-play potential cannot be ignored. Most notably, Coleman shined as a speedy deep threat against the Baltimore Ravens as he caught five passes for 104 yards and two touchdowns(he averaged 20.80 yards per reception). Although Coleman’s sample size is admittedly small and his overall numbers were most likely skewed during the latter half of the season due to a lingering hand injury, his athletic ability alone could allow him to take over number one receiving duties for the Browns.

Of course, the recipe for a bounce back season for a receiver can only be properly pulled off successfully if he has a respective quarterback to feed him passes. And that, at the very least, is a lingering concern for the Browns. Will Cleveland bring in an experienced albeit wildly inconsistent passer in Brock Osweiler? Or will they hand the reins over to second year quarterback Cody Kessler, who showed moments of greatness when he was healthy? Or will the Browns be truly bold and throw the raw rookie DeShone Kizer into the mix? Whatever happens, Coleman’s value could fluctuate wildly before the start of the season as his success will ultimately be predicated on his health and whichever quarterback gets the nod.
Still, regardless of who is throwing to Coleman, the young wide out has a high ceiling as a deep threat and is the epitome of a high-risk/high-reward fantasy prospect. While Coleman needs to prove he can be more consistent when it comes to keeping his hands on the ball to be truly valuable in PPR leagues, his potential for being a touchdown scoring machine will make him a dark horse pick somewhere in the middle rounds of your fantasy draft.

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