WATCH: Tom Cruise Injured On The Set Of 'Mission Impossible 6' After Performing A Crazy Stunt

Tom Cruise injured himself today on the set of Mission Impossible 6 after a stunt went terribly wrong. The 55-year-old Cruise makes it a mission to do most, if not all, of his stunts. However, this time a stunt backfired and he slammed right into a building. After the short crash, Cruise tried his best to recuperate and attempted to finish the scene. But he was noticeably limping and had to be taken off the set.
Update (08/16/17, 9:11 P.M. EST): Tom Cruise reportedly broke his ankle as a result of Sunday’s accident. Consequently, filming for Mission Impossible 6 has been put on hiatus until Tom recovers.
You gotta hand it to Tommy boy. Not many actors perform their own stunts, and this guy is literally in his mid-50s. Cruise even appeared as if he wanted to continue after slamming into that building, but he was in way too much pain. Tom Cruise is a bad-ass, no matter what anyone says.
Cruise was assisted off the set by crew members after his injury. The guy who was responsible for Tom’s wiring must be in some hot water. He didn’t pull up Cruise the right way, and the $470 million actor went smash into the side of a building. Ouch!

Tom is known for doing his own stunts. During 2015’s Mission Impossible 5 this crazy cat clung onto the side of a plane. Plus, the actor endured 64 takes in zero gravity during a plane crash scene for The Mummy reboot. Cruise is practically fearless when it comes to doing his own stunts.
Mission Impossible 6 is set to hit theaters on July 27, 2008. Cruise will be playing the lead role of IMF agent Ethan Hunt. However, this film may be pushed back a bit as Cruise attempts to recover from his ankle injury.

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