WATCH: T.J Watt Is An Absolute Beast In His NFL Debut With Two Sacks Early In The Game Against The Giants

T.J Watt made a huge splash for his NFL debut for the Pittsburgh Steelers on Friday. That’s two huge splashes to be exact. Watt plowed right through the New York Giants’ defensive line in the early goings of the game. Watt showed the NFL what they’re messing with when he ripped through the competition, picking up two sacks moments into the contest.
Let’s just say picking up sacks runs in the family. His older brother J.J. Watt made NFL history, when he became the first player to record two 20+ sack seasons in a career. The elder Watt also holds the record for most sacks and most forced fumbles for the Texans.
Before his NFL debut, T.J. was an absolute monster for the Wisconsin Badgers. In the 2016 season, he picked up 59 total tackles and 11.5 sacks. It looks like his collegiate talent is carrying over the NFL. Here’s a look at his first career sack. His Steelers teammates were ecstatic to see Watt rip right through the competition.
Watt came back with another sack soon after. He’s getting warmed up for his first season in the NFL and his kicking some Giant ass.
Right now, it looks like Steelers are going to put away the New York team in this preseason game. The score is currently 20-12 in favor of Pittsburgh. The Giants will need to miracle to come back this late in the fourth quarter.
Update: Yup, the Steelers won. The Giants simply couldn’t recover and they fell to Pittsburgh with a final score of 20-12.
Oh yeah, hats (or helmets) off to T.J. Watt!

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