Walmart Kinda Apologizes For 'Back-To-School' Sign On Gun Display After Internet Freak-Out

Walmart fell into a bit of hot water when someone decided to place a “back-to-school- sign on top of a hunting rifle display. The sign reads, “Own the school year like a hero.”
Obviously, this foolish advertisement method created a trending PR mess on the internet.

Walmart does have the right to sell firearms. However, capitalizing off of the back-to-school shopping craze to sell guns is a bit…well, kinda f*cked up considering all the school shootings that’s taken place in recent years. I’m betting that when the average American hears the words “guns” and “school” in the same breath, the image of tragedy usually comes to mind.

The retail giant appeared to have seriously fudged up with this back-to-school gun promotion. Let’s just say that people on Twitter were looking for answers…

Of course, Walmart went full damage control after the internet started freaking out about their sign/product placement. “We hear you,” wrote the company on their Twitter page, along with a sad face. “This was horrible and we removed the sign as soon as we found out.”

The internet called out this mega-store, and they apologized…until they flip-flopped and completely denied anyone putting up the sign near the guns. The company Tweeted, “Just to clarify, the manager at the location reported to us confirmed that no such sign is near this display. Again, so sorry.”

The company originally Tweeted on Wednesday that the photo was taken in a Evansville, Indiana, Walmart location. However, company spokesman Charles Crowson now says that the tweet is incorrect. Walmart is now trying to determine where that photo was taken.
“There was some miscommunication between our social media team and the store,” said Crowson, explaining the errant tweet. “It was just a misunderstanding.”
Walmart has dispatched a team to investigate the origins of the “back-to-school” gun photo. They’re considering “every possible scenario,” including the idea that the photos were doctored or a simple prank.
However, Crowson confirms that “Own the school year like a hero” is part of the company’s “back-to-school” advertising campaign.
“What’s seen in this photograph would never be acceptable in our stores,” said Croswon to reporters at The Washington Post.
Here’s how one fan responded to this whole ridiculous situation…
That controversial photo can just be a hoax. But once the internet gets a hold of a story, you know the deal…

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