WATCH: Fake Conor McGregor Visits NYC And Gets Mobbed By A Sea Of Gullible MMA Fans Going Ape Sh*t

Hundreds, maybe even thousands of people, went absolutely bananas when the Conor McGregor look-alike rolled into Manhattan.Youtube star Islam Badurgov hoodwinked Los Angeles in July, when he was also mobbed by a sea of gullible UFC fans. Recently, the Bulgarian McGregor traveled to Times Square in New York City and the crowd he conjured us is that of legend.
An enormous swarm of people all crowded around the hoax fighter like they’ve just spotted Big Foot. Actually, I don’t even think Big Foot would receive that much attention. McGregor is just that popular. Sorry, Sasquatch..
Badurgov said that he encountered a crowd of roughly 10,000 people in the Big Apple. That’s a lot of f*cking fans…
No one seems to notice that this look-alike appears to be quite a bit larger than the actual McGregor. Ah well, close enough…
Good luck on your fight with Mayweather!

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