WATCH: The First Teaser For Conor McGregor's Documentary 'Notorious' Looks Bad As F*ck

Conor McGregor‘s documentary Notorious is getting more bad-ass by the minute. On Monday, the very first trailer of McGregor’s documentary was released to the public, and it’s bad as f*ck.
McGregor has left us in the dark regarding the film’s details. However, judging by this video, it’ll probably be about Conor’s ascension to the top of the UFC mountain. Universal Entertainment released a kick-ass teaser on their Twitter, giving fans a sneak peek look into Notorious

Conor might not talk too much about the film, as he has Floyd Mayweather to deal with. But on the film website, it states that the documentary was filmed over the course of four years and is an “exclusive, all-access account of Conor’s meteoric rise from claiming benefits and living in his parent’s [sic] spare room in Dublin to claiming multiple championship UFC belts and seven figure pay-packets in Las Vegas.”
McGregor is focused on his fight against Mayweather on August 26. Those guys have been taking shots at each for a while now. They’ll settle the score this summer in Las Vegas.
Conor may be busy training for his fight. But he’s not too busy to plug Notorious on his Twitter page…

This doc is about sending people to the doc. McGregor has been kicking ass and taking names ever since he stepped foot in octagon.

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