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Brooklyn Police Standoff: Full Story & Must-See Details

Brooklyn Police Standoff: Full Story & Must-See Details

NBC New York

There is an ongoing police standoff in Brooklyn. An officer has been shot, and the male suspect has barricaded himself inside an apartment building. He might have a small child with him inside the apartment.

Update: (8/10/17; 7:42 P.M. EST): The suspect is believed to have shot himself in the head. A robot will be sent into the residence for precautionary measures.

At about 5:00 P.M. (EST) Thursday, an officer was shot near the intersection of Chestnut and Fulton streets in Cypress Hills.

An alleged altercation between the officer and the suspect led to the shooting. He was struck in his bullet-proof vest, which ricocheted, hitting the officer in the arm. The officer has been sent to Jamaica hospital, while the suspect has barricaded himself inside an apartment building.

The officer who was shot remains in Jamaica hospital, where he is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspect fled from the scene and has allegedly barricaded himself in an apartment building on Ridgewood Avenue, near the intersection of Essex Street.

Authorities are taking extra precautionary measures because it is believed that the suspect was seen holding a small child near a window. The child is potentially an infant.

Police say that the suspect may be armed with an assault rifle.

Update: (8/10/17; 5:59 P.M. EST): The police are breaching the building where the suspect is holed up.

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio reportedly traveled over to Jamaica hospital to visit the injured officer.

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