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Don’t Care How Dangerous She Is, This Pistol-Toting Road-Rager Is HILARIOUS


La Porte Police Department

No judgments — look at the face of the woman above you and tell me if you think she’s fit to own a gun, let alone be driving a car, let alone be using both at the same time.

I introduce you to Amanda Downs (no pun intended — I think?), a 25-year-old Texan (Murica!) who got popped last week for driving around Texas’ State Highway 225 pointing her gun at multiple — yes, multiple — motorists.

After being given the MOMA-worth photo you see above you, the La Porte Police Department Criminal Investigations Division recognized the case was nearly identical to a previously reported case.

After searching the area for just two days, detective were eventually able to find Downs and her truck in an industrial estate.

via Facebook:

Just after 7:00 a.m. Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 the La Porte Police Department received information that a white female, driving a red Silverado pickup truck, pointed a gun at the victim in an apparent road rage incident. The victim captured an image of the driver holding what appears to be a handgun, while they were both traveling on State Highway 225. This was the second report of a road rage incident, identifying a similar time, location and description of the suspect and vehicle in the La Porte area. The previous episode was reported in the month of July 2017.

The LPPD Criminal Investigations Division recognized the case was nearly identical to a previously reported case and immediately went to work. Detectives canvassing the area were able to locate the suspect and her vehicle two days later parked in a nearby industrial park. The suspect was identified as 25-year-old Amanda Downs, of Baytown Texas. Downs confessed to both reported incidents, surrendering what turned out to be a large folding knife cast in the shape of a handgun. As a result of the investigation, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office accepted the charge of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

The La Porte Police Department wants to remind the motoring public that Road Rage can quickly escalate to the point where a person is seriously injured or killed. If you are a victim of Road Rage, call 911 and immediately begin driving toward the nearest police station or public place.

According to reports from insider sources, Florida has reached out to Texas in an effort to trade for what they consider to be an elite Floridian-level talent.

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