This Real Life Tyrone Biggums Tried To Deposit A $1 Million Bill & Subsequently Got Busted For Meth

Folks, despite the fact that Dave Chappelle has been “back” for a year or two, I never expected him to revive his old Chappelle’s Show characters. Boy was I wrong, as it appears a real-life Tyrone Biggums is running around Sioux City, Iowa.
Biggums, real name Dennis Strickland, was arrested after police found meth on him after he allegedly tried to deposit a fake million-dollar bill into his bank account.
According to the Sioux City Journal, Strickland attempted to deposit the fake million dollar bill at Northwest Bank. However, his genius plan was foiled by a pesky bank teller who just happened to be on their A game that day, as they were able to spot the fake million dollar bill and notify the Sioux City Police Department.
via Sioux City Journal:

Sergeant Judy Kellen confirmed Strickland did try and deposit a piece of paper at the bank but would not verify any other details about that portion of the incident since no charges were filed in relation to it.
When officers arrived at the bank Thursday and questioned Strickland, he was asked to empty his pockets and was found to be in possession of methamphetamine.

Biggums Strickland was charged with possession of a controlled substance and is being held on $1,000 bond in the Woodbury County Jail. His next court appearance is scheduled for August 14.

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American Dad Stream: Watch Season 14, Episode 17 Online Free
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