Western Kentucky University Football Players Plead Guilty In Fraternity Fight

Three players on the Western Kentucky Football team have pleaded guilty to their involvement in a fight at a fraternity house back in March. Quinton Baker, Xavier Lane, and Tyler Obee pleaded guilty to reduced charges of wanton endangerment and assault.
The fight happened at the WKU Pi Kappa Alpha house fraternity house back in March 2017. Campus police said that WKU football players attacked a former Pike member in retaliation for a previous fight.
All three have been sentenced to a year probation, in addition, they must complete 30 hours of community service and pay restitution to the victim for medical his expenses. According to WKU head coach Mike Sanford, the three players they will be suspended, however, he did not indicate how long or when the suspensions would be served.
NBC Wave 3 says that the cases of three other defendants are still pending. Andrew O’Bryan, 19, Jachour Pearson, 19, and Christopher Johnson, 21, who are due back in court on August 22, all face charges for the altercation.
via The Courier-Journal:

The Western Kentucky football team indefinitely suspended six of the players after a grand jury indicted them in June on charges stemming from an altercation at the fraternity house. O’Bryan left the WKU football team during spring practices and tweeted in April that he would transfer to Eastern Kentucky University. Stallings is not listed on WKU’s 2017 roster.
The incident leading to the charges occurred in the early morning on March 5 after Bowling Green Police responded to reports of an assault at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house, according to a police report obtained by the Courier-Journal.
A 21-year-old Pike member told police he called a 33-year-old alumnus to tell him that several football players were outside in the back of the house trying to fight, according to the report. The alumnus said he came to get the football players to leave peacefully. The fraternity member told police he saw the football players threaten the alumnus and then tackle him through the fence at the back of the house and begin punching and kicking him. The 21-year-old was injured when he stepped in to help defend the alumnus.

Beshear’s Special Prosecutions Unit is handling the case, and their next court date is scheduled for Aug 22.

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