Dude Kidnaps A Newborn Deer & Brings It To The Bar To Show Off To Friends, As One Does

You know how it goes, we’ve all been there — you’re drinking with a couple buddies, things get a little out of hands, and next thing you know you’re kidnapping newborn wildlife from its natural habitat to show it off at the local watering hole.
At least that’s how it went for this Arizona (congrats Florida, you’re not the father!) man, who snatched up a three-day old deer from the wild and into a bar to see if any of his bros wanted “to take it home.”
The Arizona Game and Fish Department, who was notified of the incident when customers at the bar reported the man to authorities, took possession of the deer fawn on Saturday. According to authorities, the young fawn is now forced to a life in captivity and is receiving around-the-clock treatment from animal experts.
via Fox 10:

“It’s very cute, but it’s one of the saddest stories we see … They found it and they decided to take it to a local bar in Salome and see if anybody else wanted to take it home,” said Kellie Tharp, Chief of Education at AZGFD.
It ended up in the hands of AZGFD officials — many with one question in mind.
“Who would take a deer fawn out of the wild and into the bar? I would say that is a new one, we hear a lot of things, but that definitely isn’t one that’s normal.”
Ripped from his mother in the wild and now a life of permanent captivity. AZGFD officials say the fawn needs round the clock care in order to survive.
“Now that the fawn’s been in our care, you see that it was being bottle fed, it’s being imprinted. It’s relying on humans, it doesn’t have a fear of humans so this fawn is non-releasable,” said Tharp.

According to AZGFD officials, the fawn will be transferred to Keepers of the Wild Nature Park near Kingman, Arizona.
Furthermore, the AZGFD is inviting the public to help name the fawn by visiting their Facebook or Instagram page.
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