You Know Uber Made It Big When The DEA Raids $4 Millions Worth Of Heroin Marked With The "Uber" Brand

Uber has been providing stiff competition for cab services across the globe. But now, the “Uber” name is providing business for dope dealers. Late last week, the New York DEA announced a raid it conducted on Wednesday, August 2, 2017. Agents uncovered a treasure trove of narcotics marked with the “Uber” name.
During this raid, the DEA seized roughly $4 million worth of heroin marked with the “Uber” name and logo. Agents also seized packets of fentanyl also being the Uber name. The company has nothing to do with the bust besides it’s name being used by drug dealers attempting to capitalize off of the brand’s popularity. However, one person involved in the bust is alleged to be an Uber Driver.
According to the press release on the arrest, the DEA said:

…they observed defendant David Rodriguez, exiting the building carrying two boxes inside a large white shopping bag. David Rodriguez then got into the backseat of a black Honda Accord driven by Richard Rodriguez, an Uber driver.

The car only drove a few blocks before DEA agents swooped in on the vehicle. Inside the car, agents found a mixture of fentanyl and heroin packages. Both drugs have largely contributed to the current opioid crisis.
Officers searched the apartment that they saw Rodriguez exit before they made the bust. Inside the apartment, agents found a lot more narcotics, some stamped with the “Uber” brand…

two large ziplock bags containing approximately three kilograms of a suspected fentanyl and heroin combination from inside a hall closet, as well as 1,100 individual dose glassine envelopes that had been filled with powder and stamped with the brand name “UBER.”

Authorities also uncovered $30,000 in cash, a handgun, and a large amount of drug paraphernalia agents said was “consistent with a heroin/fentanyl packaging mill.”
But “Uber” wasn’t the only brand name used by this narcotics operation. The DEA shared a photo showing all different types of stamps being used to sell heroin. Dope dealers are capitalizing off of popular brands such as “McDonalds,” “Animal Planet,” perhaps most fitting “Walking Dead“.
A spokesperson from Uber said that they’re aware of the arrests and have been looking into the matter.

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