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A Nashville Man Threatens To Blow Up Grocery Store With Gun-Shaped Hand Gesture And Imaginary C-4 Explosives

Kaden M. Stephens: Full Story & Must-See Details On Bomb Threats

Kaden Stephens–Metro Nashville Police

A Nashville man entered a Kroger grocery store on Monday and threatened that he would blow the store up with explosives. The man threatened that he had explosives on his body, as he carried a back-pack he claimed contained C-4. He threatened that he was “going to blow the roof off the place.”

Kaden M. Stevens was apprehended by police after making loud bomb threats at a Kroger store on the 5500 block of Old Hickory Boulevard. According to the arrest affidavit, Stevens was also following people around the store, pointing and threatening them with a gun-shaped hand signal.

When police arrived, Stevens raced to the front of the store, yelling “peace” and requesting that officers don’t shoot him. However, once in custody, Stevens continuously shouted  “Allahu Akbar.”

The suspect claimed to be an undercover cop. He threatened that he was going to “take down” the arresting officer for taking him into custody.

Police searched through Steven’s backpack, but didn’t find any trace of explosive materials. He is now facing charges of false report-emergency, disorderly conduct, and criminal impersonation.

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