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This Beautiful Mashup Video Explains Jaime Lannister’s True Motivation To Kill Daenerys



These emotional Game Of Thrones edits always f*cking BODY me. I don’t know if it’s my love for the show or the quality of the edits (its both) but some of these mashups have me feeling more feels than the show itself.

I’ve always said that Jaime Lannister is the most complex person in a show known for its layered characters. Think about it for a second: Thrones has been able to turn a rich and handsome sibling-screwer who pushed a young boy out a window into one of the world’s favorite remaining characters. In fact, I found myself rooting for Jaime, Bronn & co during this weekend’s fiery battle — a total 180 from how much I despised him during season 1.

And as such a complex character, it’s only fitting that his reasons for charging at Dany and her dragon go far deeper than the fact that she’s simply on the other side of the battle.

For seven seasons now, Game Of Thrones has been peeling back the layers of the man who is introduced as a backstabbing Kingslayer. Throughout the years, Jaime has gone from one of the show’s primary villains to one of the most honorable men left in Westeros. So yes, while Jaime might want to killer Daenerys because she in the enemy of his love, his motivations go far deeper than that as Jaime has been fighting to against what Dany represents for most of his adult life.

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