Here Is What's Going To Happen To Jaime Lannister

In the final frame of this weekend’s explosive Game Of Thrones, we see Jaime Lannister rapidly sinking to the bottom of a curiously deep river (stream? creek? what kind of body of water was that?)
But if you’ve been watching Thrones all this time then you know the eventual fate of a character as crucial as Jaime is going to be far more explicit than a fleeting image of him peacefully drowning. No, if Jaime’s going to die, Cersei is going to beat him to death with his own golden hand, or he’s going get incinerated by a dragon, or something equally gruesome. So now that we know he survives, the question is what now becomes of the rest of the Kingslayer’s life.
Despite his general shortcomings (boom roasted) as a military general, Daenerys still remains loyal to both Tyrion and his opinion. Hoping she hasn’t gone full Mad Queen, you’d like to imagine that she isn’t going to torch the brother of her own right-hand man. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to let him off the hook, either.

Ultimately, I believe Daenerys is going to give Jaime an ultimatum. Clearly not trying to be a “ruler of the ashes”, Dany wants to end this war as soon as possible and is going to attempt to use Jaime to bring an end to said war. The ultimatum is going to be as follows: march back to King’s Landing as an inside man and murder Cersei for me … or I’ll show up with my dragons and melt all of your faces off.
Jaime, who famously stabbed the Mad King in the back to avoid the melting of people’s faces, will realize that killing his sister (and lover) and becoming the Queen Slayer is the only way he’s going to be able to bring peace to the realm.
As I’ve long said, Jaime is the most complex person in a show known for its layered characters. Think about it, Game Of Thrones has successfully turned an obnoxiously rich and handsome sister-fucker who pushed a child out a window into one of the masses’ favorite remaining characters. With that logic, it’s only fitting that his story arc would meet a similarly complex end: with the murder of his sister-lover based on the order of the daughter of the Mad King he once slayed.

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