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The Cleveland Browns Have To Be Trolling Us With This Brock Osweiler Hype Video, Right?


Cleveland Browns Twitter

What a tough job it must be to be the Cleveland Browns social media person — I’d imagine it’s a lot like being a clown at kids parties: on the outside, you have to exude enthusiasm and positivity, but on the inside, your spirit is broken (sorry to any potential suicidal clowns who may be reading this).

Despite the fact that the Texans essentially paid the Browns to get Brock Osweiler off their team, Cleveland has named Osweiler the starter for the first preseason game anyway and is doing their best to hype of the forlorn fan base.

The only problem with that is that everyone and their mother knows that the Cleveland Browns, and particularly Brock Osweiler, are going to STINK this year.

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