Millionaire Boxer Amir Khan Bugged The F*ck Out On Twitter After Feeling Totally Cucked Out And Betrayed By His Hot Wife

Millionaire boxer Amir Khan leaked some personal drama on Twitter, accusing his wife of cheating on him with a fellow boxer. His wife Faryal Makhdoom allegedly told Khan to tell the media that he was hacked, so they could work out their issues in private. Amir, on the other hand, didn’t appreciate being cucked out, so he didn’t back down and doubled-down on social media about her cheating.
Khan and Makhdoom ultimately decided to split up.

I gotta feel for the guy. Two world championships and millions of dollars, yet he still can’t find the right love. He’s won 35 fights, but not his wife’s heart. Plus, Faryal cheating on him with a fellow boxer must have stung even harder than if it were a regular Joe. I wonder if Amir and that guy will ever face off in the ring. Now, that would be a match worth seeing…

Faryal may have hurt him more than anyone in the boxing ring…. Amir is pissed…
Khan confirmed on Snapchat that he wasn’t hacked. He feels hurt and wants to let the world know how he feels…

According to Daily Mail, Makhdoom allegedly wanted her husband to go back on his Tweet. She wanted Amir to tell the media that he was hacked. Faryal wanted to work things out with her man, and she didn’t want the public to peep in on their personal details. But Amir had enough. He didn’t want to continue being a cuck.
Via DailyMail

A source close to the family told MailOnline, Makhdoom called her husband in Dubai pleading to stay together for the sake of their daughter Lamaisah, two.
The source claims Makhdoom came up with the idea that the pair should announce that their Twitter accounts have been hacked and tell the media as a “way out”.
The source said: “Amir stood his ground and told her that it was over and that he had mentally decided to move on from her and that he was unable to take it anymore.
“He hung up on her and when she texted again with threatening messages, he released video message to put an end to it all.”
Makhdoom’s family also got in touch with Khan’s family in Bolton to offer an olive branch as a symbol for the couple to reconcile, the sourced added.
Meanwhile, the boxer’s dad and brother say they had nothing to do with the couple’s public feud after Makhdoom accused his family of trying to destroy their marriage.
It comes after Makhdoom, 26, tweeted the word “patience” in Arabic this morning just a day after the boxing star confirmed their explosive split with a Snapchat video claiming “it’s all true”.

It’s good that this guy stand up for himself. Even world champion boxers can be vulnerable. And relationships can become the ultimate in vulnerability in some circumstances. But then again, I’m also curious for Faryal’s side of the story…

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