Teacher Convicted Of Having Sex With Student Suing Said Student For Defamation

Tara Stumph, a California teacher who was convicted of having sex with her 16-year-old student, is now suing that student for defamation.
Stumph, a 36-year-old former teacher at Arroyo Grande High School in Arroyo Grande, California, has filed a lawsuit against the unnamed student. Stumph is accusing the unidentified teen of making statements that “hurt her career and reputation.” the U.K.
The lawsuit alleges that the teen “talked trash about the sex-starved educator to various classmates, family and other members of the community.”
Stumph had previously pleaded no contest to various sexual assault charges in April. Now, she is seeking legal action against the teen, who she claims made statements that harmed her career and reputation.
via The Tribune of San Luis Obispo:

Tara Stumph pleaded no contest in April to having sex with a person under 18 and was sentenced to 180 days in jail, a sentence she started serving May 1. Both Stumph and her former employer, Lucia Mar School District, were named as defendants in a lawsuit by the victim’s family. The victim’s family and the school district are set to enter a binding mediation process with Santa Barbara mediator Henry Bongiovi.
Stumph’s teaching license was revoked after her conviction, but she will not be required to register as a sex offender upon her release from San Luis Obispo County Jail.
She alleges in her counterclaim that the victim’s statements damaged her reputation and career. Stumph is suing for indemnity for any judgments rendered against her, a judicial determination that any injuries to the plaintiff were caused by the school district, civil damages and attorneys fees and costs.

The next hearing in the case is currently scheduled for October 12.

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