Gene Simmons Took A Giant Steamer On Justin Bieber For Cancelling His Tour


Last week, Justin Bieber made headlines for the canceling the 14 remaining dates of his Purpose tour. But more so than the cancellation itself, people were curious as to exactly why.
Naturally, rumors started popping up everywhere, including that he was planning to open his own Church. According to multiple reports last week, Bieber canceled the remaining dates of his tour because he underwent a ‘spiritual awakening’ rooted in his relationship with church pastor Carl Lentz. While it sounded laughable, you never know with these f*cking batshit crazy celebrities.
Well, Bieber has since refuted that report and posted his own message to Instagram to explain his reasoning behind the tour’s cancellation. And let me say, I know it’s just words on a page, but I can legitimately feel how tangibly unintelligent Justin Bieber is just by his vocabulary and style of writing:

Needless to say, KISS legend Gene Simmons, who knows a thing or two about being on tour, did not approve of Bieber’s decision:

“Get a life. You don’t have to worry about anything. You’re rich. In case you didn’t notice, you’re white. You’ve got white privilege, bitch. There’s nothing to complain about. “He’s got the Beverly Hills blues. It goes like this… My limo is late … and I just can’t wait. My mansion is… c’mon,” Simmons said to TMZ.

Never thought I would say this in my life, but I agree with Gene f*cking Simmons on this one. Jussssttttt when we thought Bieber had redeemed himself for all his past transgressions, he pulls a diva move like this.

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