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Justin Bieber Is Just Out Here Starting Churches & Running People Over


via ABC

Our boy JB is having quite the interesting week, huh?

First, word came out that Bieber was cancelling his Purpose World Tour. While the decision in it of itself was not all that surprising, as there is a precedent for pop stars and rock stars to cancel tour dates, the rumored reasoning was.

According to multiple reports from establishments such as TMZ, Bieber canceled the remaining dates of his tour because he underwent a ‘spiritual awakening’¬†rooted in his relationship with church pastor¬†Carl Lentz. While it sounds laughable, you never know with these f*cking batshit crazy celebrities.

Well, last night, as the newly ‘awakened’ Justin was leaving a church, he ran over a member of the paparazzi.

Maybe he was blinded by the light.

via CNN:

Justin Bieber struck a paparazzo with his truck while trying to drive away from an event in Beverly Hills Wednesday night, according to the Beverly Hills Police Department. Bieber stayed at the scene during the investigation, Lt. Scott Dowling told CNN. Video from the incident appeared to show Bieber offering assistance to the man who was hit.

Dowling said a 57-year-old man was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. No citations were issued and no other vehicles were involved. The accident happened near the Saban Theatre, which was holding a City Church service.

Bieber has been spotted in the Los Angeles area after recently canceling the rest of his worldwide tour due to “unforeseen circumstances.” After being spotted by TMZ near the beach in Southern California, Bieber said he plans on “just resting, getting some relaxation.”

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