Busta Rhymes and Crystal Pepsi Had Us Screaming 'Woo Hah!'






Last night, we attended the Crystal Pepsi Throwback Tour held at Billy’s Sports Bar in Bronx, New York. The main attraction? None other than Busta Rhymes. The party kicked off a national Crystal Pepsi concert tour and was hosted by radio personality Angie Martinez–a woman who pretty much ruled the radio game here in NYC.
The Crystal Pepsi Throwback Tour is traveling around the USA and bringing shows centered around stadiums during this year’s baseball season.
Many who attended last night’s event later attended the Tigers-Yankee game held a few yards away at Yankee Stadium.
This tour is paying tribute to the memory of the 90’s, so it was only right that Busta Rhymes performed. Other 90’s artists such as Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath and Salt-N-Pepa are also making appearances during the Crystal Throwback Pepsi Tour. Walking up to the main doors, you could feel the electricity. That feeling only grew more and more as he was joined by DJ Kool Herc on stage, who apparently walked off the streets to surprise Busta.
Alongside Busta’s performance was the pre-release of Crystal Pepsi, the iconic 90’s clear cola. To celebrate properly, there were Crystal Pepsi speciality cocktails available named “One Rad Breeze” and “It’s Mad Clear” as well as large buckets filled with Crystal Pepsi for everyone. This clear cola will be available for one last time when it hits shelves August 14.
Busta Rhyme’s performance and everyone drinking Crystal Pepsi brought back nostalgic feelings that created an almost virtual time machine back to the 90’s.




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