Nintendo Is Coming Out With A Limited Edition SNES Classic Mini-System This Holiday Season, And Preorders Are Coming Soon

Retro games will always hold a special place in my heart. And when I heard about the limited edition SNES Classic mini-system coming out this holiday season, I was brought back to when I was six years old, borrowing a Super Nintendo console from the older kid down the block. This mini-console is scheduled to hit stores this holiday season, with 21 top Super Nintendo games.
Walmart recently had a glitch which made pre-orders available much sooner than expected. The retailing giant cancelled all preorders for Classic SNES as a result.
Nintendo took to Facebook to clarify some issues and to apologize for that pre-order fiasco.

Nintendo announced that they will make pre-orders of the SNES Classic available by late August. However, the system does have its now sides, with a $80 price tag and only 21 games to its name, which leaves out plenty of fun titles. But if you’re a retro gamer/collector, this seems like a good buy. You’ll have many of the classic Super Nintendo titles at your disposal, including Zelda, Star Fox 2, Donkey Kong County, and Super Mario Kart.
The SNES Classic will also introduce many of the young gamers to the awesome games of the past. You’ll have a world of early ’90s wonder at your millennial fingertips. And you might start playing this more than the consoles of the current generation.

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