Wake Up Retro Gamers, Sega Genesis is Making a Comeback!

Sega Genesis is coming back right in time for the holiday season! So, time to wrap your Christmas trees with nostalgia and decorate your Hanukkah nights with a blast from the video game past! I’m sure retro-gaming collectors are drooling at the mouth when they hear this news. And if you have a deep connection with old school gaming, particularly from the late ’80s and early ’90s, you’re going to want to finish reading this article and look to get your paws on the re-release of this retro video game console.
Sega Genesis first arrived in the United States way back in 1989. So, you might be asking yourself: why is a video game system from the late ’80s coming back (especially with all the high-tech consoles already out there)? Well, there’s a Brazilian connection (keep reading and I’ll tell you all about it).
Nintendo ignored the Brazilian market, but Sega did the opposite and signed a with TecToy, and since then, the Genesis sold 150,000 units in a year’s time. That’s a whole lot of units, which puts it in competition with the modern giants of video games in Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony.
When you see the Sega Genesis in stores this holiday season, it won’t look like the Genesis systems you may have grown up with and have desperately fallen in love with. Sega didn’t require TecToy to keep the Genesis look, and TecToy dumped the old look once the Sega company stopped supporting them. Then in 2017, they’ll bring back the old school Mega Drive look to appeal to the childhood lingering in all of us. But it won’t be the same beast you played in the ’90s, this console has an SD card slot as well as a card stock full of games. But this thing won’t come cheap as this retro console is set at roughly $125. You’ll also need the A/V cables. Meanwhile, TecToy is still working on HDMI Genesis for a future release. I just hope that this retro Genesis will be better than that super-disappointing AtGame’s attempt on reviving the Sega Genesis. But TecToy’s version appears extremely promising, nonetheless. You’ll be able to dive into the past and play your favorite games from Street Fighter to Sonic the Hedgehog. What more can a Sega Genesis fanatic ask for?

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