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NYPD Posts Photo Of Small Drug Bust, Twitter Has A Field Day With Jokes


NYPD News/Twitter

On Friday morning, the New York Police Department got on Twitter with their chests puffed out, ready to show the world how they are putting drug dealers in the cobra clutch. They posted a photo of a recent drug bust and waited for the internet to start tossing accolades their way.

But because social media is full of smartasses and the amount of drugs pictured looked minuscule, people instead had a field day cracking jokes at the NYPD’s expense. You can check out the Tweet below.

$100 goddamn dollars?? That’s it?? I’m surviving on Natural Light and Ramen noodles these days and even I know that’s chump change for a real drug dealer. That picture has pretty much the exact opposite of the “Dope on the table” effect Lieutenant Cedric Daniels was looking for in The Wire. That’s barely enough weed to make a trip to the DMV tolerable.

In a display of some real hard-hitting journalism, I scrolled through all the replies this tweet generated to pick out the funniest responses. Here are all of my personal favorites.

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