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WATCH: This NYPD Cop Would Definitely Put Steph Curry To Shame With That Three-Point Shot


One cop from New York City showed us exactly what the boys in blue can do on the basketball court. Five-year veteran Officer James is showing the world how a three-pointer is done like a boss. That’s one long distance shot that would put Steph Curry to shame.

Officer James is representing the 50th precinct in the Bronx. On this day, he’s providing a bit of community outreach at the street level with young people. He’s playing b-ball with the kids and showing them how it’s done. The crowd went wild when they saw him sink in that insane long distance shot, which is actually far past the three-point line.

“I enjoy interacting with the people in the community,” James said in a statement released by the NYPD. “It’s not a cliché — I really want to make a difference and inspire people.”

And Officer James is not alone in showing the kids how it’s done on the b-ball court. A couple of weeks ago another video went viral showing a similar long distance shot done by a fellow man in uniform:

Basketball is definitely the best way to be schooled by ya boy in blue.

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