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Man Gets Arrested On ‘Live PD’, Belts Out Some Pearl Jam Anyway


YeSUV’s Twitter

On Friday night’s edition of Live PD, a man was arrested after police responded to a trespassing call. He didn’t appreciate being filmed and his face was bleeding, so it’s safe to say that he wasn’t having the best time. But instead of moping, he decided to make lemonade out of lemons by belting out some Pearl Jam.

Watch him do his best Eddie Vedder impression of the band’s smash hit “Even Flow”.

That was actually pretty damn good. It’s a stone cold lock that he’s had some electric karaoke performances in his day. It was also a savvy move by him to not sing “Yellow Ledbetter”. Trying to perform that gibberish would be a surefire way to get an additional charge of public intoxication.

He may have been in the wrong for trespassing, but he was 100% correct when he said that Eddie Vedder is the baddest motherf*cker. I’ve seen Pearl Jam twice myself, so if this dude needs me as a character witness at his trial, I’ve got his back all the way.

For a little bonus, here’s “Even Flow” and “I Got Shit”, which is technically called “I Got Id” if you’re a giant nerd.

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