Teen's Phone Is Littered With Texts After Someone Posted His Number On A Craigslist Ad Selling A Cheap Cow







A 19-year-old Sophomore claims to have had the “worst morning of his life” on Friday after his phone blew up with text messages asking for a cow. Someone apparently put this teen’s phone number on a Craigslist ad selling a “black heffer (heifer) who likes to go by boo boo.”

This teen’s phone exploded with cow-related text messages…
On Thursday night, right before bedtime, Old Dominion University student Shannon Barbour discovered an unusual message inquiring about a heifer from a person named Anita.

Barbour awoke this morning to a barrage of messages, all wanting to buy that black heifer from him. The price of the cow was set incredibly low at $50 for Boo Boo. And people responded to the offer by blowing up his phone so much that he stopped receiving notifications.


And this is the worst day of his life. Getting bothered with a mass amount of text messages equals the worst day ever? Really? Really?

Everyone seemed desperate to buy Boo Boo. Many people simply wanted that a piece of that “black heffer.”

As a side note, the author of that Craigslist post misspelled the word “heifer,” which is another name for a female cow. Instead, the author wrote “heffer,” which is actually the name of the yellow steer on the cult class Nickelodeon show Rocko’s Modern Life (which is actually making a big comeback soon).

I’ll get back to the task at hand, involving Barbour, a black heifer named Boo Boo, and the barrage of text messages that ultimately followed. Before we get to more messages, here’s a quick look at the Craigslist ad that started….
Barbour started responding to the texts in a humorous manner. The 19-year-old Virginia native even replied to one text stating that Boo Boo became his morning breakfast. Steak and eggs just got a whole lot more personal. Barbour was surprised to find out that people didn’t give a f*ck that he put down the cow.
Ok, thanks? WTF?
Some people brought the humor to Barbour first…
Shannon Barbour’s ordeal over the black heifer has generated thousands of tweets from people LMAO-ing all over the internet…

This even made a true comedic cynic laugh…

Some Twitter users make mention of the “blind black bull” looking for a friend in the screenshot of one of Shannon’s texts.

You got a blind bull friend in me…

I guess there’s more to this situation than meets the eye…

Someone’s got capitalize off of the booming online heifer market…

Don’t have a cow, man!
Shannon Barbour now thinks that the Craigslist ad may just be a prank from one of his friends. Barbour told Buzzfeed that, “Fifty dollars for a whole cow is kind of suspicious.”

One farmer even offered Barbour $200 for that black heifer. Maybe Shannon should get into the beef-raising business.
“I guess the farmers saw it and just went nuts for it,” said Shannon. “That’s how it is here.”

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