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Meanwhile In China, Burglar Disguises Himself As Ghost In An Attempt To By-Pass Security Cameras


Video: Chinese Burglar Disguises As Ghost

This guy from China thought he could get away with robbing a residential building if he dressed up as a ghost. Of course, the masterpiece burglar decided to wrap himself in a curtain in an attempt to shield his face from security cameras.

The thief decided to snoop around an apartment complex in Jinjiang, China’s Fujian province on July 12th. He climbed a flight of stairs, and quickly noticed the building’s security camera. Twenty minutes later, he returned, wrapped in a curtain. He hoped to trick the camera by dressing up as a “ghost.” But the cameras caught his face anyways. And let’s just say this ghost got busted.

Video: Chinese Burglar Disguises As Ghost

The robber can be seen cautiously creeping through the corridor. He’s wrapped up tight in a curtain sheltering his sneaky face. Officers were able to apprehend this crook. He didn’t steal one single item from the building, but confessed past crimes to authorities.

He isn’t exactly criminal of the year. Not even close.

What a goofy ghost!

Video: Chinese Burglar Disguises As Ghost

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