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Looking To Make A Fashion Statement? Pick Up A Conor McGregor ‘Eff You’ Suit


Conor McGregor had both the sport and fashion worlds buzzing when he showed up to a press conference to promote his upcoming boxing match with Floyd Mayweather wearing a suit with “F*ck You” pinstripes. That’s not a typo either. The suit’s pinstripes appeared normal at first glance, but when taking a closer look at them, you could see that they actually said, “F*ck You.”

While it’s not the classiest attire, it’s definitely one way to make an impression. Luckily for fans of fancy clothes, Conor McGregor, and profanity, the suit is now available for purchase. The three-piece, wool “Eff You” suit from David August can be yours for the low, low price of $6,500.

Via David August’s website, here are the specifications of the limited edition suit.

French-facing construction
Stacked ‘kissing’ working buttons on sleeve cuff
Purple camouflage silk lining
1/16″ hand-stitched detailing
Two-button, side vent jacket
Vest available in single- or double-breasted (image shown with double-breasted vest)
Numbered and signed by David August Heil
Limited quantities

What a joke. The only thing more foolish than spending $6,500 on this suit would be to bet $6,500 on McGregor to beat Mayweather.

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