Donald Trump’s Fake News: Top 5 Untrue Stories Of The Week Vol. 5

What is fake news? It’s an infectious contagion warping the minds of many who take word of mouth as the ultimate form of evidence. President Donald J. Trump believes in calling out media outlet he deems conspiracy-driven hit squads pumping the culture with false narratives in order to achieve a political goal.

Welp, CNN can rest on their laurels for now. Because this week…we got a hold of the realest fake news out there. Check out the top 5 untrue stories of the week.

FALSE: Trump Is Furious After Initiating Audit On Social Secret, Discovers Gov’t Waste

Donald Trump Fake News: Top 5 Untrue Viral Stories Of The Week Vol. 5

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FACTS: A bogus story spread online saying that Donald Trump is pissed about government waste in the Social Security Department after personally ordering an audit. is providing the false narrative that Trump initiated this audit, which Trump didn’t do in the first place. The audit was issued under the previous president’s regime, and it revealed that between the years 2013 to 2016, nearly $32 million was spent on conferences alone. The inquiry ended January, just before Trump was inaugurated.

FALSE: Gretchen Carlson: “The 2nd Amendment Was Written Before Guns Were Invented”

Donald Trump Fake News: Top 5 Untrue Viral Stories Of The Week Vol. 5

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FACTS: Carlson is a former Fox News anchor, who does support a assault rifle ban and defended her viewpoints on Twitter. However, she never said anything about the second amendment being written before guns were created. That quote is being spread by outlets such as,, among others, claiming that Carlson also doubts the death of Elvis Presley and questions the authenticity of every manned mission to the moon (believing no person has ever landed on the moon). These rumors are complete horse-sh*t. Carlson believes in gun rights to an extent. But she doesn’t believe the average citizen should own assault rifles. In fact, Gretchen said on Fox News that she “hold(s) true the sanctity of the Second Amendment while still having common sense.”

FALSE: Trey Gowdy Ends The Russia Investigation ONCE AND FOR ALL

Donald Trump Fake News: Top 5 Untrue Viral Stories Of The Week Vol. 5

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FACTS: South Carolina representative Trey Gowdy said that the House Oversight Committee he leads would terminate its investigation into ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia, but he has no actual authority to halt others inquiries. However, investigations remain active and open by Congressional committees and Justice Department counsel Robert Mueller. Gowdy is routinely a subject on fake news political articles. The fake news hounds have been targeting this republican representative for quite a while.

FALSE: Several Black Men Found Dead In Mass Grave At Deceased KKK Leader’s Estate

Donald Trump Fake News: Top 5 Untrue Viral Stories Of The Week Vol. 5


The Jackson Telegraph and other hoax sites are spreading a false tale about a mass grave of black men found at the estate of a dead KKK leader. The hoax articles cite an FBI announcement by a bureau spokesperson named Adrian Cartwright who doesn’t even exist. The FBI debunked this story by stating that they have no spokesman named Adrian Cartwright working for them. The hoax states that the mass grave was found at the former Mississippi home of KKK leader Eldon Lee Edwards. However, Brett Carr, a real spokesperson for the FBI told the Associated Press that the story was “fabricated” and has “no validity.”

FALSE: Urban Meyer resigns as head football coach for Ohio State

Donald Trump Fake News: Top 5 Untrue Viral Stories Of The Week Vol. 5

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The head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes has not stepped down from his position despite false reports from hoax site Now, this fake story is being regarded as a prank, as it takes shots at Ohio State’s nemesis, Michigan. This bull-crap story falsely quotes Meyers as saying his resignation is the only way Michigan can topple the Buckeyes. But Urban Meyer has really been kicking Michigan’s ass as the coach of the Buckeyes, leading his team to five straight victories against the Wolverines since he took up the post as Ohio State head coach in 2012.

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