Think People Are Excited For Beast Mode's Return To The NFL?

Back in June, when Marshawn Lynch had his first press conference as an Oakland Raider, I wrote this:

“Is there any question that Marshawn Lynch is going to have the highest selling jersey in the league this year? The city of Oakland alone is going to be buying millions — that’s how much they love this dude.”

Well, as usual, it turns out that I was right.

Here we are, just about 7 weeks away from the start of the NFL season, and Beast Mode has the highest selling jersey in 14 of the 50 United States, occupying essentially the entire western half of the union.
And this is despite the fact that, other than grainy Twitter video, no one has even seen him take a snap yet. People forget that the last time Lynch was on a football field, he wasn’t looking so hot.
But his on field performance doesn’t even matter at this point, as Marshawn has become a living legend. Aside from being one of the greatest talents of his generation, Lynch has been able to win over the masses through his peculiar, yet warm hearted, personality.
Add on the fact that the sole reason Lynch decided he wanted to play football again was simply that the Raiders were leaving his hometown of Oakland, and you have the perfect storm of football likability.

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