Google Glass Enterprise Edition: Pricing, Features, Partners & Must-See Details

Google‘s moonshot branch, Alphabet X, announced plans to continue some business applications of Google Glass’s Enterprise Edition. Only available through Google Glass partners, the Enterprise Edition promises stunning new ways to increase a business’s operational efficiency through a number of software solutions offered through the company’s partners.
Alphabet X has also quietly been working on a new device for this newest edition to give it a bigger display, a foldable design, a better processor and a more comfortable design.
This method of approaching applications for this clunky device seem much less creepy and awkward-looking than the consumer version. The consumer version has proven to be very useful for workers too, so Google’s new target audience shows promise in the future. The once popular, trendy accessory worn by fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and Sergey Brin has reversed directions to a more practical application: blue-collar workers, doctors and managers.


The Enterprise Edition of Google Glass features a litany of new applications specially catered for three separate business industries: manufacturing, logistics and healthcare.
Companies like Ubimax and Upskill are creating productivity applications for frontline workers to improve their business operations and job performance for factories and manufacturing plants. Purchased by Boeing and GE, these software applications can be attributed to a higher work output and worker satisfaction.
Here’s a promotional video of how manufacturing company Boeing has used Upskill’s “Skylight” platform to increase its operational efficiency.

Healthcare software partners, including Augmedix, allows healthcare professionals to increase their productivity by aggregating patient medical records and displaying them in easy-to-understand displays. Thanks to Google Glass, the company claims to have increased average physician productivity by 30%.


Several large corporations have already pledged their support to the new resurgence in Glass technology, including AGCO, DHL, General Electric, and Sutter Health.
AGCO, an agricultural manufacturer and distributor, reported a 25% reduction in production time on low volume, complex assemblies. DHL, a supply chain industry leader, used Google Glass to increase operational efficiency by 15%.
A DHL associate told Google that “Glass allows us to pick faster than normal¬†and reduces the amount of errors that can happen. It’s quite easy to learn to use. Every piece of information you need is available on one screen.”
General Electric partnered with Upskill to increase productivity and efficiency, reporting outstanding numbers across the board, including a 34% increase in the top box wiring process, according to recent company reports.

As for healthcare, Sutter Health partnered with Augmedix to help doctors collect and organize patient histories and documents so they can spend more time with the patients instead of reviewing medical records.
Dr. Teresa Nauenberg, M.D. presented a testimony about the product:
“In the past, almost a third of my day was spent with my computer; now I spend maybe just two or three minutes per patient using it.”


Any pricing information must be requested for either by businesses interested in a partnership with Google Glass or through a company partnered with Google Glass. The devices are only available for purchase by Glass Partners, so the only way you’ll get to know about what the price is will be if you’re interested in partnering, wanting to¬†become a developer, or interested as a journalist or reporter to write an article about Google Glass.

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