There Are Now Ecstasy Pills Shaped Like Donald Trump

They say you know you really know you’ve made it when they start making life-threatening drugs in the shape of your head. At least that’s how I think the saying goes.
According to the Daily Mail, the new pills, which were produced in Amsterdam, contain ‘dangerously high’ levels of MDMA.
The report states that one website, which offers 1,000 of the pills for £1,200, uses a play on President Trump’s famous catchphrase, promoting their product with the line: ‘Trump makes partying great again.’
This comes just a month or so after an Ikea-branded ecstasy people took Europe by storm.
via Daily Mail:

Last month, police sent out a public health warning after a batch of ‘Ikea’ ecstasy tablets hospitalised scores of people and was blamed for the death of a teenager.
Kyle Pringle, 18, of St. Helier, died after taking them as police carried out three arrests around Jersey, seizing a quantity of the drugs. The small blue and yellow pills, which are branded with a logo resembling that of the Swedish furniture giant, have flooded the island of Jersey.
Revellers taking them have had to seek medical treatment, as police there said they are ‘much stronger than expected’. While subject to toxicology reports and a post-mortem, evidence suggested the death was a result of consuming the ‘Ikea’ ecstasy tablets.

It’s become clear that ecstasy manufacturers are just trying to create the most ‘viral’ looking pill, and a Donald Trump shaped pill is definitely one way of achieving that virality.

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