Peyton Manning On What He Loves (And Hates) About Fantasy Football Fans

Peyton Manning stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night where he discussed his post-NFL life and opened up about what he loves and hates most about those pesky and passionate Fantasy Football fans.
Manning diplomatically begins by crediting fantasy football for inspiring more interest in the NFL which he says is great for the game. But he also can’t help but point out that the interests of fantasy football owners rarely matches up with the reality of team goals.
Check out what the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos great had to say about fantasy football for yourself:

Manning also went on to express his love for die hard fans who don’t compromise their commitment to their teams. Specifically, he remembers a Buffalo Bills fan who he threw a arm band to after a game years ago. Normally, anyone would be stoked to get a piece of Peyton Manning equipment like that. I know I would. But this kid? Chucked it right back in Manning’s face. Ballsy, but it earned Manning’s respect.
After that, the future Hall of Fame quarterback talked about his life after the NFL. He won the “perfect attendance” award at his local gym, and he talked about how he joined a gym to get out of the house…Understandable after a stellar 18-year-career.
Oh, and apparently Kimmel is convinced that Manning misses showering with his teammates.

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