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The superstars of Monday Night Raw are invading the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. These in-ring gladiators will be looking to top last night’s crazy Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view. Tonight, we kick off Raw with Big, Bad Cass…

WWE Monday Night Raw Viewing Details

Date: Monday, July 10, 2017
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: USA
Location: Toyota Center, Houston, TX
Online: USA
Mobile: USA Now

WWE Monday Night Raw Results

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Big Cass Kicks Off Raw

The seven-foot-tall trash-talker kicks off tonight’s show. He talks sh*t about Enzo and even the crowd. He won’t accept them if they jump on the Big Cass bandwagon. Cass has big plans for the future; he’s going to win the Universal Championship, appear on talk shows, and become the biggest star of this business. Why? Because no one can touch Big Cass. No one is at his level…
The Big Show’s music hits. Maybe this giant can shut this Casshole up.
Big Show strikes first with a headbutt. Show and Cass tangle on the mat. The giant alligator rolls Cass and then punches and kicks him on the floor. Big Show is hitting Cass in the face with repeated knee shots and punches.
Show picks up Cass and tries to inflict more punishment. But Big Cass gets the hell out of there.


Tonight: We Get An Update On Braun Strowman’s Condition

Finn Balor vs. Elias Samson

Samson starts off this segment beneath a spotlight with an acoustic guitar in hand. He asks the crowd whether they want to walk with Elias. The crowd replies with a chorus of boos. Samson requests the audience and turn off their cellphones and wait to applaud until after he’s done singing. Samson sings about Balor not being a savior. He even sings a little about Houston (not Whitney or Bobby, folks).  Then Finn Balor’s music hits, effectively interrupting Elias’ makeshift concert.
Balor starts off this match strong and has Samson reeling by the time we go to commercial break.
Raw play-by-play commentator says that “during the commercial break, it’s been all Samson.” Samson is beating the crap out of Balor in the ring. We see a clip from what happened during the commercial as Samson hits Finn with a hard knee.
Balor tries to fight back, but Samson regains control, hitting Balor in the gut. Samson charges at Finn, but Balor puts his foot up and turns the tide. Balor is lighting up with Samson with stiff chops to the chest. Samson regains control for a moment, but Balor quickly regains ground, knocking Samson out of the ring. Balor was right about to kick Samson in the mouth, but Elias caught his leg and dropped him on his face.
Samson locks in the Fuji Wara Arm Bar. Balor grabs the bottom rope and Samson breaks up at the count of 4. Balor regroups and jumps right on Samson’s chest. But Elias quickly recuperates and beats Balor into the corner. Balor fights back, but Samson quickly squashes the momentum of “The Demon King.”
Balor rallies back with an overhead kick to the jaw. Finn hits a Sling Blade and then a drop kick. Balor ascends the top rope and hits a Coup de Grace. That it for Elias!

Finn Balor defeats Elias Samson via pinfall


The Hardy Boyz In-Ring Segment

The Hardys are in the ring with something to say. They may have lost last night to Sheamus & Cesaro, but that doesn’t mean they’ll fade away and classify themselves as obsolete. The crowd chants “delete! delete! delete” beckoning to The Hardys days in the iMPACTful Wrestling.
Out comes Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson who basically say that The Hardys are washed up. They don’t belong in the WWE anymore. That’s some fighting words, and an impromptu match is scheduled as a result.


The Hardy Boyz vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

The Hardys control the match early on. But when we return from the commercial break, the team of Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson are solidly in control. They’re picking Jeff apart, almost knocking his head off with a double-team move. But then Jeff counters and tags in his brother Matt.
Matt smacks Karl’s head into the turnbuckles as the crowd chants “Delete!” over and over again.
Karl Anderson tries to turn the tide, but eats a Side Effect from Matt Hardy. Matt knocks Gallows off the apron and goes to work on Anderson. Matt ascends the top rope and jumps down on Anderson. Karl returns to his feet and charges at Matt who hits him with an elbow. Gallows hits Matt in the back of the head.
Anderson and Gallows hit a Magic Killer on Matt to end this match.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson defeat The Hardy Boyz

Post-Match: The team known as The Revival’s music hits. They enter the ring and beat up The Hardys. The Revival hits a Shatter Machine double-team move as a final statement.


The Mizzies

The Miz presents a new must-see award show known as “The Mizzies.” The Miz names the winner of Best Supporting Actor, which turns out to be a tie between Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Bo is very touched by this well-deserved award, while Axel says he looks like “a million bucks” once he got with The Miz. Maryse wins Best Actress, which an emotional moment between Miz and Maryse.
And ofcourse, onto Best Man in the WWE…the winner is Dean Ambrose (I mean La La Land). Nope, Miz is just joking and gives the award to himself. Miz talks trash about Akira Tozawa, Seth “Freakin” Rollins, and The Hardy Boyz. They couldn’t live up to their word, but The Miz sure did. The Miz said that Ambrose couldn’t live up to his level. Ambrose may be the toughest man in the WWE. And the man beat Ambrose, so what does that make him?
Out comes Dean Ambrose who tackles Miz. The Miztourage pounce on Ambrose and kick his ass. Seth Rollins comes out next to even the score. Rollins and Ambrose are kicking ass now.
After this segment, Ambrose ran into Rollins backstage. Dean told Seth to stay out of his business. The Shield is not making a comeback. Rollins burned that bridge a long time ago.


Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax

Sasha starts off this match with Bliss. Banks chases Alexa around the ring. Bliss retreats to her corner to tag in Nia Jax. All the ladies brawl before we go to the commercial break.
We’re back from the break and “Ms. Hug Life” Bayley is in full control, taking out Bliss with a bulldog. Jax enters the ring, but Bayley fights her off. Bayley pushes Bliss off the apron, but turns around to an aggressive Nia Jax.
Jax drops Bayley and beats her into the corner. Nia is confident and talks some trash. Bliss receives the tag and continues the assault on Bayley. Bliss drags her opponent to the corner and tags in Jax.
Bayley tries to turn the tide, but gets leveled with a headbutt from Jax. Nia locks Bayley in the swinging full nelson. Bayley is able to break free, but Jax squashes her momentum and prevents Sasha from making the tag.
Bliss is tagged back in the match. She attempts to takes out Sasha on the apron, but fails. Jax dispatches of Bayley while the referee is distracted. Bliss knocks Sasha off the apron and ascends the top rope. Alexa hits a Sparkle Splash on Bayley and goes for the pin. 1…2…Sasha breaks up the pinfall attempt.
Nia grabs hold of Sasha and tries to eliminate her outside the ring. She hurls Banks into the barricade and charges, trying to squash “The Boss.” Sasha moves out of the way right in the nick of time. Bayley rolls up Bliss in the ring and gets the win.

Bayley & Sasha Banks defeat Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax


R-Truth vs. Goldust

Goldust throws the first blow in the match. Truth attempts to mount a comeback, but “The Golden One” crushes his momentum. Goldust keeps control with punches and chops in the corner. Truth tries to turn the tide, but Goldust kicks him right in the stomach. Goldust squeezes the breath out of Truth with a headlock. Truth tries to counter again, but gets slammed with a spinebuster. Goldust poses for the crowd and then goes right on the attack.
Truth turns the tide with a powerbomb. Truth gains control, but Goldust quickly reverses the momentum, blocking a scissor kick. The two men brawl, and Truth hits back with a heel to The Golden One’s face.
R-Truth finally hits a scissor kick and goes for the cover, but Goldust kicks out at the count of 2. Truth attempts a suplex, but Goldust counters. The Golden One sends Truth into the post and then hits a Curtain Call for the win.

R-Truth defeats Goldust


Raw GM Kurt Angle invites Brock Lesnar down to the ring

Angle tries to talk to Lesnar about his SummerSlam opponent. But Lesnar’s agent Paul Heyman doesn’t have time to brainstorm about SummerSlam. Brock and Paul are about to exit the ring, but Roman Reigns’ music hits.
Reigns wants a title match against Lesnar. Heyman is about to oblige to Roman’s request. But Lesnar interrupts, grabbing the microphone from Heyman. He doesn’t think he owes Reigns anything. Reigns lost last night.
Samoa Joe comes out next and talks trash to both Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. Joe wants a rematch, but Paul Heyman doesn’t think so. Angle intervenes and makes a match for next week. Samoa Joe will clash with Roman Reigns and the winner will become the new #1 contender for the WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam. But if they fight before next week, the match will be called off.

Neville & Noam Dar vs. Akira Tozawa & Cedric Alexander

Cedric throws the first show, with an elbow right to Dar’s nose. Alexander leaves Dar with a couple uppercuts. Noam flees and the ring and runs into his girlfriend Alicia Fox’s arms. Alexander chases Dar back into the ring. Cedric tags in Tozawa and they perform a double-team maneuver on “The Scottish Supernova.” Tozawa goes for the pin, but Dar kicks out. Akira stomps Dar into the corner. Noam tags in Neville who gets beat down almost immediately by Tozawa.
Akira takes Neville down and puts some stank on it with a back body drop. Neville turns the tide and hurls Tozawa into the corner. He tags Dar back in, and the bad guys are on top once again.
In the final moments of the match-up, Tozawa has Neville hung up on the top rope (crotch-first). Akira adds insults to injury by kicking the bottom rope, making all the ropes bounce and vibrate. Meanwhile, Alexander runs the ropes and takes out Dar with a suicide dive. Akira ascends the top rope and hits “The King of the Cruiserweights” with a Senton Splash.

Akira Tozawa & Cedric Alexander defeat Neville & Noam Dar

Main Event: Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins

Both men trade shots, driving each other into the corner. Wyatt runs towards Rollins, but eats a superkick for his troubles. Rollins goes for the pin. 1…2…Wyatt kicks out! Rollins goes off Wyatt, but Wyatt crashes into his opponent mid-air. Wyatt chuckles and goes for the pinfall. 1…2…Rollins kicks out!
Wyatt attempts a Sister Abigail, but Rollins counters. The fights spills out onto the floor when Rollins takes out Bray with a suicide dive. Rollins brings Wyatt back into the ring and tries to break his opponent fingers (literally). Wyatt eats another boot from Rollins. They return to ringside and Rollins goes on the attack, pounding Wyatt’s fingers on the steel steps.
The fight returns to the ring. Rollins attempts a springboard on Wyatt, but gets caught and slammed with a Uranage. Wyatt hurls Rollins to the outside and sits down in the corner of the ring to catch his breath.
As we return from the break, Wyatt is solidly in control of his opponent. He has Rollins trapped in a headlock submission hold. Fans get behind Seth, but Wyatt kills the momentum with some stiff knees. Rollins dazes his opponent with a dropkick. But quickly, Wyatt takes control, whipping his opponent hard into the corner. Bray crashes into Seth with a running splash. Wyatt goes for the cover. 1…2…kick out!
The fans try to rally behind Rollins once more. But Bray shuts them up when he drops Rollins with a DDT. Wyatt locks Rollins in another submission, and “The King Slayer” fights out. Rollins takes control, sending Wyatt to the corner, and then propping him up on the top rope for a superplex. Rollins is unsuccessful and both men return to the ring. But Rollins quickly regains momentum when he strikes Wyatt in the head with an enziguri.
Wyatt returns to his feet. Bray and Seth brawl. Rollins gains the upper-hand with punches, kicks, stomps, and a Sling Blade. Wyatt exits the ring to catch his breath, but he is almost instantly thrown into the barricade via a suicide dive from Seth “freakin” Rollins.
Seth is solidly in control, taking out Wyatt with a springboard and then a Blockbuster. The fans are absolutely loving the performance of these two titans, as they chant, “This is awesome!”
Rollins ascends the top rope, but Wyatt brings him back down to the mat. Bray attempts a high-risk move from the top turnbuckle, but Seth sends him to the mat as well. Rollins executes a flawless Falcon’s Arrow and goes for the pin. 1…2…Wyatt kicks out!
Wyatt attempts to finish off his opponent with a Sister Abagail, but Rollins counters with a roll-up. Bray kicks out once more at the count of 2. Rollins kicks Wyatt, but Bray fires back with a headbutt right in the injured eye. Wyatt hits a Sister Abagail, and that’s all, folks!

Bray Wyatt defeats Seth Rollins

Post-Match: Rollins is still down in the ring. The Miz, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas walk through the crowd to the ringside area. All three men descend upon “The King Slayer” as they enter the ring and immediately go on the attack. But before they can do too much damage, Dean Ambrose’s music hits. Ambrose runs down to the ring with a steel chair in the head. Axel and Dallas are able to escape, but Miz slips and falls. Dean capitalizes on the opportunity and starts wailing away on Miz’s back with the cheer. The Miztourage pull Miz out of the ring while Ambrose is still hitting him with the chair. Ambrose is swinging that chair in the ring even as his foes leave. Rollins is sitting down in the corner of the ring, watching on as The Lunatic Fringe turns steel chair swinging into an art form.

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