"Who's that Guy in the Orange Jersey?"- The Legend of the Marlins Man







There is a man out there living out your dreams. You want to go to as many major sporting events as possible. But between work and family and the cost of attendance, it has become harder and harder to make it to games. Do not worry. Those seats that you always wanted will be occupied. Somebody will always be there for those historic moments. And that man will be wearing an orange Miami Marlins Jersey.
This mystery superfan, with apparently endless amounts of money and free time, brings some questions to the forefront. Why is there a Marlins fan at the NBA finals? How did he get those tickets for this entire series? Does he have a job? How does he take such good selfies? Does he know that girl who just flashed the camera? Who is a person crazy enough to be a Marlins’ fan? Well, that one Marlins’ fan has made quite a name for himself, even if that name is simply “Marlins Man.”

Who Is Marlins Man?

According to his website (yes he has a website), Marlins Man real name is Laurence Leavy and he a lawyer from Miami. He owns a few thoroughbred racing stables, went to Camp Pinewood, and loves to wear visors. Some sources report that Leavy says he travels more than 300 days a year and that he can afford to attend games because he has no wife or children. He claims to have attended 27 Super Bowls, 89 World Series Games, 37 NCAA Championship Games, 70 NBA Finals games and countless other sporting events.
As he attends these sporting events, Marlins Man tries to spread his message of “pay it forward.” His website home page feature quotes about making a difference in other people’s lives. He has auctioned off some of his jerseys to give the proceeds to charity. He buys up large groups of tickets and gives them out to people outside of the stadium, and he even gave $5,000 to two families of firefighters in Kansas City.


Why Is He Famous?

Marlins Man has been attending sporting events his entire life, but it was not until 2012 that he first became noticed on television. The story goes that he was at a Miami Heat playoff game and the white shirt on his seat had been taken. The Heat won the game, and his Marlins Jersey became a good luck charm. He also says he wears the orange jersey because he wants his friends to see him on tv.
While a keen eye may have noticed him at NBA playoff games, World Series games and other events in the coming years, his real rise to fame occurred in 2014. Marlins Man was attending aRoyal’s game in Kansas City during the World Series. Since he was sitting behind home plate, everybody on TV saw his jersey sticking out. The Royal’s were not happy about this and offered him a suite just to get him away from the camera. Marlins Man declined, and continued to sit right in the view of the camera.
Since his act of defiance and continued public appearances behind home-plate or courtside, Marlins Man has developed quite the following. He has over 79,000 followers on his Twitter and another 35,000 on Instagram. He was recently in the news because he has grown quite fond of bringing guests to the games with him.


Marlins Man has started bringing groups of women with him as guests to his games. The women, the so-called Marlins Man Mermaids, have gotten some heat for their efforts to distract opposing players. The Marlins were not happy when one of the women made inappropriate gestures during a telecast and Marlins Man was able to get her to stop. Still, his efforts to “try bringing sexy back to the MLB,” have not gone unnoticed and he keeps finding mermaids to accompany him to the games.

Where Did You See Him?

Does that orange hue on his jersey look oddly familiar? Do you think you’ve seen Marlins Man on TV before? Well odds are, you probably have.
Here he is at game five of the 2017 NBA Finals and here he is at the college world series.
Here he is at a few regular season games
He likes college basketball  and horse racing
He also goes to hockey and some NFL games
Don’t forget about college football  even more NBA Finals
He is also spreading his messages of positivity and wisdom.
This dude is everywhere.

Where to Find Him Next?

If you are looking for Marlins Man’s next appearance, look no further than the MLB All-Star game this weekend in Miami. The event is right in his back yard, and his travel schedule on Instagram a few days ago included Miami as a stop.


After the all-star game, where to find Marlins Man is anybody’s guess. He will likely attend many baseball games throughout the summer and the World Series when that rolls around. You may not know where he will pop up, but always be on the lookout for some orange whenever you’re watching on TV. You are bound to see him in those seats you always wanted.

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