LaVar Ball Doesn't Like Being Compared To The Kardashian Family

So as we all (unfortunately) found out last week, LaVar Ball and his family are getting their own reality television show that will air on Facebook later this year. *rolls eyes

The second project is a yet-to-be-titled docuseries about the Ball family, whose sons Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo have taken the basketball world by storm. Freshman UCLA star Lonzo Ball was chosen by the Los Angeles Lakers as their No. 2 pick in the NBA draft last month. LiAngelo and LaMelo are standouts at Chino Hills High School.”

This is terrible for several reasons, but the most obvious is that it gives LaVar yet another platform with which to spout his B.S. Look, I respect the guy’s hustle and he clearly loves his children even if he’s exploiting them to no end. I don’t think he’s a terrible human being, but I do think his schtick grows thin pretty quickly. I also think he’s not making life any easier for son Lonzo, who is coming into the league with the Los Angeles Lakers with an enormous target on his back thanks to his pops.
With the reality series announcement and LaVars, err, unique personality, fans have been quick to compare the Balls to the Kardashians (lol). Apparently, LaVar does not like this comparison.
Per TMZ:

“I ain’t no Kardashian, I ain’t no Kris Jenner,” he told TMZ. “We the Balls. Welcome to the Ball era.”
“I don’t like them; I don’t dislike them,” “The Kardashians are the Kardashians. We’re separate. We’re ballplayers. We’re ballplayers. I ain’t following nothing or nobody.”

Hey LaVar, what’s all this “we” talk? Your sons are ballplayers, not you. You’re an overbearing loud mouth. Sure, if you get that $1 billion sneaker deal you’ve been yapping about, you can shove this in my face. But until then, you’re just the NBA’s version of the Kardashians.
See you in the gossip columns.

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