WATCH: This Bro Join The ‘Smile High Club’ After He’s Caught In An Airplane Bathroom With One Unsatisfied Customer

One passenger decided to get extra sneaky and recorded a couple leaving an airplane bathroom after they had committed themselves to the “mile high club.” During a recent Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Miami, David Eve captured a viral video for the ages. He captures the lovebirds ready to leave their nest. The lady exits first followed by this grinning guy only moments later.

In all fairness, this couple was just as sneaky as the person filming. But at least they didn’t have to endure hearing other people’s sex noises.

The dude leaving the bathroom is smiling ear-to-ear like the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland mixed with Jerry Seinfeld.

But just as the headline suggests, the lady involved didn’t seem too thrilled as she exited the bathroom stall. Maybe she felt embarrassed or nervous after experiencing the ‘mile high club’ with only a thin beige-colored door preventing the couple from public indecency charges.

Or maybe, just maybe, he ain’t hittin’ it right. Nah. Couldn’t be.

Well, it’s a long flight to Miami. Maybe the turbulence can finish the job.

Let’s take another look at this legendary moment in time…

Video: Smile High Club, Couple Caught In Airplane Bathroom

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