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Isabel Martinez Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details on Mother


Isabel Martinez is accused of stabbing her four children under age 10 to death along with their father on July 6. The Georgia woman made her first court appearance Friday morning.

What Happened?

The Gwinnett mother charged with stabbing to death four of her children and their father smiled for cameras and told the judge she does not want an attorney during her first court appearance Friday morning.

“I don’t need an attorney. My attorney is the people that we are fighting for,” Martinez said through an interpreter. “It does not matter what color you are because God loves us all.”

Martinez is accused of killing four of her children and their father early Thursday morning at the family’s home in Loganville.

Her behavior in court was said to be bizarre and erratic and she gave two thumbs-up to the cameras and smiled at media members. She also smirked as she put her hands together in a prayer motion.

“I’m going to cautious you to cut off the display for the cameras,” Judge Michael Thorpe told Martinez. “It’s probably not to your advantage.”

The judge also advised her to obtain an attorney before her next court date on July 20.

In addition to the killings, Martinez is also charged with stabbing her fifth child, a little girl, who was airlifted to a hospital and expected to remain hospitalized for two to three weeks. Family members have since set up a GoFund Me page for her.

Overall, Martinez is charged with five counts of malice murder, five counts of murder and six charges of aggravated assault. Also, an immigration hold was placed on Martinez, which means the government suspects she may be in the country without legal permission and could be eligible for deportation.

Immigration officials said Friday that Martinez illegally entered the U.S. from Mexico, though they don’t know how long she has been in the country.

Police identified the victims late Thursday.

The father was Martin Romero (33) and the four siblings were Axel (2), Dillan (4), Dacota (7) and Isabela (10). Diana Romero (9) is currently in the hospital.

It is unknown if Martinez has officially confessed, but Gwinnett Police Cpl. Deon Washington said Thursday that Martinez is the “primary suspect,” and that authorities are “not searching for anyone else.”

Isabela Martinez

Isabela Martinez is a Georgia mother who is accused of stabbing to death four of her children and her husband. She is also charged with stabbing a fifth child who survived her injuries and is currently receiving medical treatment. Martinez made her first court appearance Friday morning and showcased erratic behavior.

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