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National Social Media Day 2017 Memes: Best Jokes, Funny Photos, GIFs & Images


On this moment in time, we look to celebrate the technological outlets that keep us connected, yet so far apart. National Social Media Day began in 2010 on the popular website Mashable. For seven years, this web site has led the charge in “recognizing and celebrating social media’s impact on global communication.”

For many, every day is Social Media Day. They scrounge through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Their objective is to receive another like, message, heart, and possibly create a new connection by repetitively staring at a glowing screen full of memes, photographs, and a litany of personal and non-personal information.

How do you plan on celebrating Social Media Day this year? Send out a special Tweet? Update your status on Facebook? Send out an attractive Instagram photo? The choices are endless. You can still pop on MySpace and see if that old thing is working.

Get connected to the hive!

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