Pictures Of Iraqi Forces Driving The Remainder Of ISIS Out Of Mosul Are Heartbreaking & Inspiring

This article was originally going to be something else entirely.
Originally, this article was going to be about the ISIS fighters who are attempting to return to European society. Unsurprisingly, they’re having difficulty finding jobs.
And while I was preparing my article, I went over to Getty find a lead image (the photo that appears at the top of articles.) However, what I found changed my mind entirely.
What I found was a plethora of recently uploaded images of Iraqi forces driving out the remaining members of ISIS from Mosul. There are thousands of adjectives to describe these pictures, yet I’m struggling to find one.
Breath-taking. Perspective-changing. Haunting. Inspiring. All the above and then some.
So this weekend, when you’re cross-eyed cause you just shot-gunned you’re 12th beer, take a second to appreciate how lucky you are.

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