Truly Moronic Woman Pulls A 'Big Lebowski' & Douses Herself In Her Loved One's Ashes

First, for all the idiots who don’t understand my reference in the title:

One of the all-time hilarious movie scenes, I had always just assumed that a move like this was so preposterous, so dimwitted, that it could only happen in a work of fiction.
But alas, humankind has never ceased to amaze me, as it turns out someone out there is that dumb.
Meet Liz Hopson, a Florida (shocker!) woman who traveled all the way to Newcastle, England to dispose of her mother’s ashes. Maybe it was the Florida in her, but it was a disaster from the start, as Hopson almost instantly covers herself in her MOTHER’s ashes.

Hopson’s daughter posted the video online, joking that it was her grandmother ‘having the last laugh’. Call me cynical, but I just think it’s because her mother is an idiot.

“My mom went to release some of my Nanna’s ashes off of a bridge, but my Nanna had different plans,” Hopson’s daughter wrote.

Just all around incompetence out of the Orlando, Florida native.
And since you’re here, enjoy some other classic moments from The Big Lebowski:

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