4th of July Games 2017: Top 5 Best Lawn Games To Play Now







With July 4th coming soon, people all over American are getting ready to celebrate. Rain or shine, backyards all over the country will be full of meat, beer and fireworks as people enjoy summer’s greatest holiday. If you’re going to do a backyard BBQ correctly, however, you need to keep your guests entertained. How do I entertain my guests, you ask? Well, feed them of course. But also provide them with lawn games to play. Which lawn games are the best? I thought you’d never ask.

5. Kan-Jam


I’m sure this ranks higher on many people’s lists, but not on mine. Yeah, it’s pretty fun to watch, but it takes up a ton of space and people get way too excited playing. Did somebody just get stabbed? No, they are yelling because they hit a kan with the disk, bro. I also can’t throw a frisbee which makes this game all but impossible for me. I’m sure it’s more fun if you can do that.

4. Croquet


I’ll be honest, I don’t really know the rules to this one. It looks kind of fun, and it also looks super cool on your lawn. Google the rules before hand and look like an expert when the tournament begins. So tie your sweater around your neck, dusk off your penny loafers, and get ready to croquet.

3. Wiffle Ball


If you want to involve as many people as possible, this is the game for you. Teams of five, 10, 25, it doesn’t matter. Everybody can get involved and swing for the fences. Use a hat for bases, throw the ball at people, argue balls and strikes; it’s all fun. It takes a coordinated effort to make one of these games happen, but it will be the highlight of the party if you get it done.

2. Spike Ball


If you are trying to burn some calories at the party, spikeball is for you. Get ready to move around a ton, dive on the grass, and blame your partner anytime you lose a point. The rules are simple, the setup is easy, and the fun is endless. Recommend not playing on the driveway or next to a pool.

1. Cornhole


The all-time favorite. Cornhole is so simple yet so entertaining. It’s the only game on this list that can be played with beer in hand, and it involves very little physical motion. I think you could play it sitting down if you wanted. Grab a partner, set up a bracket, and kill the whole afternoon beating everybody. I’m sure you practiced this a ton at rush parties in college. Now go put it to good use.

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