The 10 Best Tailgate Drinking Games to Enjoy This Summer

It’s summer 2017 baby, and it’s tailgate season. No matter what the occasion is that got you off the couch and soaking up the sun, what matters is how you tailgate the event. Tailgating is an art form, and what makes a good tailgate great?– Friends? Maybe.– Great food? Possibly. — A plethora of drinking games that results in making friends more likable and food taste better? Yup, purty sure.

The Classics

5) Cornhole

Cornhole Tailgate Game


Here are the official rules on how to play Cornhole, just add drinking every time the other team scores:

The Cornhole / Corn Toss match shall be played until the first team of contestants reaches (or exceeds) 21 points at the completion of an inning. The winning team does not need to win by two or more points.
The Cornhole / Corn Toss match can never end in the middle of an inning. Thus, if a team that pitches first reaches or exceeds 21 points, the game can not end until the other side is allowed to pitch all of their corn bags and the inning is completed.
If the Cornhole / Corn Toss match is tied at 21 or more at the end of an inning, play continues until one team or the other achieves a higher score at the end of an inning and wins the match.
The game shall be played to 21 unless a team scores 7 or more points at the end of an inning before their opponents score any points. It this case the game is a skunk and the team that scores 7 or more points wins the match.

4) KanJam

When it comes to drinking, the same rules as Cornhole apply but here is how KanJam is played:

You and a partner stand at opposite kans (which are placed 50 feet apart in regulation play) and alternate throwing and deflecting the disc. Essentially, you and a partner work together to get the disc to do one of three things: hit the kan, go inside of the kan through the top opening or, best of all, go through the kan’s slot opening for an Instant Win. One player throws the disc toward the kan and the other can redirect it.

3) Beer Pong


It’s safe to assume almost everyone has played or seen a game of beer pong in progress, if not, here is a run down of the rules:

Beer Pong is generally played by teams of two in which each team takes turn throwing a table tennis ball into the other team’s cups. Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is taken away and the opponent then drinks the contents of the cup. If both teammates hit cups, the balls are rolled back and they get to shoot again. The team that successfully hits all of the opponent’s cups wins the game. Since there are a vast amount of variation on the game, it is good to quickly go over things like racks and bouncing/swatting before the game begins. Winner of the game typically stays on the table and awaits next challenger.This is usually an unspoken rule at house parties (or at least until someone breaks it). When shooting, players must keep their elbows behind the edge of the table.Twice per game, each team can request the cups to be rearranged at the start of their turn.If a ball hits the table and then goes into a cup (even by accident), the cup that the ball goes into is removed, as well as another cup of the defending player’s choice. If there are only 2 cups remaining, the bounce only counts as one cup.

2) Dizzy Bat

The video is self-explanatory. First you cut the handle off of a wiffle-ball bat and fill with beer. As you chug, people count and whatever number they count to when you finish the beer is the number of times you must spin with your forehead on the bat with the barrel (attempting) to touch the floor. After you are finished spinning, try and keep your ground as you swing at the beer can someone pitches to you.

1) Flip Cup

From frat houses to high school parties but not limited to late night television shows, this is one of the most widely-known drinking games to date. Everyone loves a close game of flip cup, not to mention it really gives the saying “the more the merrier” some merit.


5) Beer duel

It’s simple. Three paces. Drink, then shoot.

4) Slap Cup

The dude in the killer cowboy hat just did my job for me in explaining how to play slap cup. It’s a highly intense, incredibly fun and competitive game. Expect to get a little messy as people get drunker and hence clumsier, that’s half the fun.

3) Wizard Staff

Grab a case of the beer you can drink the quickest and don’t forget a roll of duck tape. You will have something to show for your drinking accomplishments by the end of the day. A goddamn wizard staff that is. When this game is played, it’s a bad day to be a beer. The person with the tallest staff of beers by the end is crowned the winner.

2) Beer Baseball

Beer Baseball Tailgate Game


Here are the rules:

Set up four cups in a row. Each player on the visiting team takes turns shooting. The first glass represents a single, the second a double, the third a triple, and the last a home run. Three misses and you are out. Three outs and the other team is up to bat.
Game follows as regular baseball and runs are scored in the same way (except that you have to keep track of the runners on base in your head). Drinking happens in the following manner:

  • Fill the cups with beer.
  • If a player makes the shot, he must drink the contents of the cups behind the one he made. For example, if he hits a single, he must drink the remaining three shot glasses full of beer. If he hits a triple, he only has to drink one. If he gets an out, he must drink all four.
  • The opposite team must drink for each run the other team scores.

1) Edward 40-Hands

This game is played usually to start off. You tape both of your hands to a 40 oz, or a 40 oz for each hand depending on how coherent you feel like being afterwards. You physically cannot do anything until those beers are gone, so drink up. This game obviously isn’t limited to only beer. Drink whatever it is you want to tape to your hands I don’t judge.

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