Lambda Theta Phi At The University Of Central Florida Suspended For Hazing & Sexual Misconduct

The Lamba Theta Phi fraternity at University of Central Florida has been suspended while the university investigates accusations that the frat hosted a party where one of its members had sex with someone who was too drunk to consent.
The fraternity brothers also facing allegations of hazing pledges and drinking while underage.
According to Lambda Theta Phi executive director Jarrod Cruz, the fraternity also is investigating the accusations.
“We find the allegations disturbing as they stand in direct contradiction to our mission and values to promote the spirit of brotherhood, empower Latinx students, and promote Latinx culture,” he wrote in an email to Orlando Sentinel.
via Orlando Sentinel:

The UCF police department is not investigating the allegations, said Courtney Gilmartin, a spokeswoman for the university. The fraternity does not have a house on campus and it’s unclear from the report where the party and hazing occurred.
Documents from the university detail several accusations reported to the university’s hazing hotline, including an “after-party” for the presentation of the fraternity’s newest members, where they drank and one member had sex with someone who was “severely mentally, physically incapacitated.”
After the party, members circulated a photo that depicted how drunk the person was before the sexual intercourse occurred, according to the accusations outlined in the report.

Aside from the sexual assault allegations, the report states that three of the newest members were hazed.
Lamba Theta Phi allegedly forced the pledges to live with each other for a month and had them complete exercises that “pushed them to physical and mental exhaustion” while reciting information about the history of the chapter and national organization.

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