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WATCH: Shirtless LaVar Ball Act A Fool On ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’


The Ball family appeared as guests on the latest edition of MizTV. And of course, LaVar is going to ham it up on live prime-time TV. On tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, the audience was treated to all the Ball boys, including LaVar, LeMelo, and the “new face of the Los Angeles Lakers” Lonzo Ball.

But of course, the focus of this segment was locked on the goofy dad’s verbal spat with the current WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz. LaVar doesn’t want The Miz in their crew because he’s simply not on their level. Those are some fightin’ words.

LaVar takes his shirt off when The Miz starts getting froggy. Sh*t is about to go down!

LaVar continued his hi-jinks during the commercial break.

The Ball family even participated in a Raw Fallout exclusive video that never aired on television:

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