Vanderbilt Football Players Involved In Shooting at Target

Three Vanderbilt football players were involved in a shooting at a Target in West Nashville on Monday night. Two gunmen are on the run after shooting two college students.

What Happened?

According to Metro police, the shooting was pre-meditated. Officials said the two groups of people had arranged to meet at the Target parking lot on White Bridge in an “ill-conceived plan to recover a stolen cellphone.”
Police said Vanderbilt student Donaven Tennyson met up with someone in the parking lot of the Chili’s on West End. During the meeting, his phone was stolen. Later, he noticed his phone listed online for sale. Tennyson then made a fake profile and arranged a meeting with the seller at Target. The 19-year-old brought two friends with him, 18-year-olds O’montae Daley and Frank Coppet. The three of them brought a pellet piston with them.
Coppet is said to have gotten out of the car with the pellet gun, which is when two individuals in a gray Buick sedan opened fire on them.
Daley was shot in the leg. Coppet was shot in the arm by a shotgun. Both are non-life threatening injuries.
According to the Vanderbilt website, Tennyson, Coppet and Daley are all on the football team.
Police have not yet released descriptions of the gunmen, who also stole the victim’s red Toyota Corolla.
The shooting took place shortly before 9:00 P.M. The store stayed open as officers investigated the crime scene.

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University is a private research university founded in 1873 and located in Nashville, Tennessee. It was named in honor of shipping and rail magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt, who provided the school its initial $1 million endowment despite having never been to the South. Vanderbilt hoped that his gift and the greater work of the university would help to heal the sectional wounds inflicted by the Civil War.
Today, Vanderbilt enrolls approximately 12,000 students.

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